Georgia Pavlopoulou

Dr. Pavlopoulou će se na konferenciju javiti uživo online.

Georgia Pavlopoulou is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology and Human Development at University College London and Director of National Autism Program Anna Freud Centre. 
Georgia is the founder of the Group for Research in Relationships in Neurodiversity.

She has been using a combination of behavioural, phenomenological and participatory techniques together with a developmental approach to understand social determinants of autistic mental health through autistic people’s personal accounts (stress, belonging, loneliness, low mood, family experiences).


“Everything I work towards is focused on bringing sustainable and positive change with and for neurodivergent people and those who work with them in educational and clinical settings.”

Georgia is committed to creative participatory health and educational research, co-producing work with community members. She has been leading national and international short courses for mental health practitioners who work in educational and NHS systems with young people with atypical development, funded by Health England Education.

Georgia is passionate about working with marginalised groups, service users, scholar activists to facilitate service transformation and advance mental health practice through better cross agency collaboration and better service user participation.


Podrška i prilagodba psihoterapijskih pristupa autističnim osobama (ENG)